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2014: UTEC Ventures was founded as an initiative from UTEC, to promote entrepreneurship.



UTEC Ventures is financed by a Ministry of Production’s program, called StartUp Perú, which boosts incubators and is part of the first generation from beneficiaries.


UV 1

November 2014 – 118 applications
2 in portfolio (Compadre and Tullpi)

UV 2

June 2015 – 69 applications

4 in portfolio (Joinnus, iSend, X-shirt, and diloo)

UTEC Ventures is a member of the Global Accelerator Network – GAN, prestigious network that brings together more than 70 accelerators of business leaders in more than 80 cities around the world. This makes UV the first and only peruvian accelerator, and the second in Latin America to be part of the GAN.


UV 3

March 2016 – 150 applications

4 startups in portfolio (Fitco, Foodbox, Mesa 24/7, and Nanda)

UV 4

January 2017 – 120 applications

7 startups in portfolio (Ambrea, Dconfianza, Diddli, Freshmart, Netzun, Riqra, and Wally)

José Deustua
Rodrigo Fajardo
UTEC Studio
Pedro Aramburu
Capital 0
Norma Alva
Diego Villarán
Special Projects
Federico Bauer

Chairman of the Board of Montana.

Alejandro Sandoval

General manager of Grupo Sandoval.

Mario Rossi

Director partner in Prisma Consultores.



Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos

Founder of Grupo Apoyo and President of the organization.

Enrique Melián

Cofounder and CEO of El Quinde Shopping Plaza, a small shopping malls chain acquired by Parque Arauco in 2005  una cadena pequeña de centros comerciales for US$100,000,000. In the past, he led the OPV from Financiera Sotogrande in Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchange.

Ignacio Arróspide

Ignacio Arróspide is AFP Integra’s Investment Manager, where he served before as Investment Risk Manager. He holds an bachelor’s degree in  Economics from Universidad del Pacifico and an MBA from Northwestern University.


Pamela Linera
Human Resources

Pamela Linera is an entrepreneurial and organizational psychologist with more than five years of experience in the field of Human Resources.  She currently holds a managerial position in the peruvian office of the American company Santex.  

Jose Miguel Porto

Jose Miguel Porto holds the position of Senior Partner in Montezuma & Porto law firm Previously he was Legal Consultant in NII Holdings and Corporate and Commercial Counsel Chief in Nextel del Peru S.A. Jose Miguel is a lawyer from PUCP and has a LLM from the University of Chicago.

Laura Kleiner
Human Resources

Laura Kleiner serves as Manager of Human Resources and Career Services in UTEC. Laura holds a degree in Human Resources from UADE and an MBA from the Italian University Torcuato Di Tella.

Enrique Stiglich

Enrique Stiglich is the Director of Administration and Finance in UTEC. He previously held the position of country manager in TechnoServe and before he served as Team Leader Case in Bain & Company. 

Claudia Becerra
Sales & Education

Claudia is Director of Institutional Relations at UTEC. She has previously been General Manager of Aprenda Instituto de la Microempresa from the ACP Group and before she has been Regional Vice President of Junior Achievement Worldwide. 

Claudia Muñoz-Najar

Claudia Muñoz- Najar is the Director of Executive Education in UTEC. She previously was Managing Partner of JousJous.com and earlier served as Manager of Corporate Responsibility at United Technologies Corporation. 

Ignacio Montero
Planning & Strategy

Ignacio Montero serves as Director of Business Innovation at UTEC. He previously was Executive Director at United Way Peru and before Project Analyst at the William J. Clinton Foundation – Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative. 

Angélica Coronel

Lawyer with a master’s degree in Business Law. Shee has been advisor to the Congress of Peru, in the Committee on Energy and Mining, and Education. Currently she serves as Legal Director in UTEC and TECSUP.

Alfonso Montero

Alfonso Montero serves as Investment Director at Credicorp Capital. He previously held the same position at Creuza Advisors and was before Vice President of Investments Prima AFP. 

Nicolás Drogguett

Nicolas Droguett is the founder of the first digital insurance broker in Peru called SeguroSimple. Before he served as General Manager of Insurance Brokers at Falabella and was before Business Manager of Non Food Products at Hipermercados Tottus. 

Brian O'Hara

Brian O’Hara serves as Managing Director of Schools in UTEC. Previously he had the position of Manager of Operations in the International Trainee Network. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from PUCP.

Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell works in the Investment Retail Faro Capital SAFI . Previously, he was CFO at IPAE and Associate in Nexus Group S.A. Greg is an Electrical Engineering from Rice University and holds an MBA from UPEN .


Juan Francisco Rosas
Digital Entrepreneurship

Juan Francisco Rosas is General Manager of the Real Estate Edificium SAC. He was before Director of Colombia.com and previously of Peru.com. He has been the CEO of Wayra Peru. 

Luis Banchero

Luis Banchero serves as General Manager of Apolo Capital. Luis also is a board member OF Agrofino Foods SAC and of Ciudad Moderna. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico Pacific and a MBA from Stanford.

German Martinez
User Experience

German Martinez is co-founder and CEO of Lúcuma Labs and co-founder of Prezenit. Previously he was a UX consultant in the Peruvian Scientific Network and has been a freelance web designer. German is an Engineer from UNALM.

Heidi Uchiyama
User Experience

Heidi Uchiyama serves as Director of UXLab Peru. Previously she was Project Manager and UX in Amable. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Policy from Michigan State Universirty and a masters degree in Graphic Design from the University of Monterrey.

Alfredo Perez Costa
Marketing & Sales

Alfredo Perez Costa is the Director of Sales and Marketing of Casa Andina. He was previously Brand Manager at British American Tobacco and before, Finance Specialist at Bank of America. Alfredo holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing and Economics from Redford University.

Rafael Benavides

Rafael Benavides is the Commercial Manager of Infrastructure in San Martin Contratistas Generales S.A.  He was before the General Manager of Concesion Cachaque SAC and previously, Business Supervisor at Concesionaria La Chira SA. 

Alejandro Agois
Marketing & Communications

Alejandro Agois owns Magma Comunicación Visual, a company where he also served as Art Director. Previously he served as Art and Webmaster Director in Epensa and before that, was a graphic designer in Studioa. Alejandro holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication from the University of Tulsa.


Jorge Maldonado
Sales & Trade

Jorge Maldonado is the General Manager of Empresas Indumotoras, a company where once served as Business Unit Manager and Commercial Manager. Jorge is an industrial engineering from Texas A & M University and holds a MBA from Tulane University.

Juan Camilo Lema

Juan Camilo Lema es el Product Owner y Director Comercial de Development Factory Group. Anteriormente fue Codirector en Escuelab.org y antes Director General de Social Media Group. Juan Camilo es ingeniero electrónico de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

Sergio Terry
Digital Marketing

Advertiser specialized in Communication and Branding, with more than 10 years of experience in the digital market. He is founder and CEO of SmartClick, a  interactive advertising agency. He previously was a Web Designer for Beyond MM. Sergio has a certificate of Digital Marketing at NYU.

Benjamin Edwards

Benjamin Edwards is a partner and Business Manager at 121 Tribal & MS. Before he served as Country Manager at Wunderman. Benjamin holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Pacifico.

Gonzalo Calmet

Gonzalo Calmet is the General Creative Director from 121Tribal & MS, where he also is a partner. He studied at the PUCP.

Jessica Ruas

Jessica Ruas is the Director of UTEC. He previously was Commercial Director of UPN. Jessica holds a degree in Communications and Advertising from UNIFE,  a masters degree in Communications from the PUCP and completed the Business Management Program from the University of Piura. 

Kiko Mayorga

Kiko Mayorga is Coordinator at UTEC Garage and Director of escuelab.org. He previously was Technical Advisor at IICD and before R & D Director at Alta Tecnología Andina. Kiko holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from PUCP. 

Francisco Verástegui

Francisco Verastegui is a Java Senior Engineer in Santex America S.A. and a teacher of the High Technology Division at Cibertec. Francisco holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from PUCP .

Oscar Montezuma

Oscar Montezuma is a lawyer from PUCP, who focuses on telecommunications, IT and intellectual property. He currently is advising local and foreign companies involved in telecommunications, technology, e- commerce and the entertainment industry. He is a Senior Partner in Montezuma & Porto.

Ena Andrade

Ena Andrade is Director of LaClinika, a leading Creative Boutique in Retail, Design and Art Direction in Peru. She previously was Creative Director of Modern Peru . Ena studied Graphic Design at Toulouse Lautrec and holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design.