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Cloud management software specialized in fitness centers.


Fitness centers’ owners have problems with their business information because it’s registered in notebooks or different Excel files. Besides, they don’t have the budget for marketing tools that attract more customers.

Meanwhile, users have trouble booking sessions and they don’t know how many classes they have left or when they should renew their membership. If they want to find new training centers or training methods they don’t know where to find them.


FITCO has solutions for both problems.
-FITCO-Connect: Cloud management system that allows to take full control of the business, accessing reports and KPI’s keys. Also, centers’ users can make reservations online and access their classes’ information.
-FITCO-Community: Web portal that connects potential users with affiliated centers, becoming an effective sales force for centers and search channel for users through fitness recommendations.



Alexander Mayor
Andrea Baba
Jorge Hiraoka

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